Our governing board was hand picked by our management team, due to their professionalism, knowledge, skills, compassion and commitment to ensuring HHA’s sustainable future. They follow our constitution and are on hand to give any advice needed.

SreylinPresident – Chum Sreylin

Sreylin has been involved with HHA for several years, as well as several other NGO’s. She currently works at Child’s Dream as an Assistant Field Coordinator. Sreylin always has our beneficiaries at the front of her mind when offering advice. Her integrity and compassion make her a wonderful leader on our board. Sreylin also acts as an advisor on our Advisory board in order to strengthen Khmer and Australian relationships.

Sreylin holds a Bachelor of English Literature from Build Bright University, Siem Reap.

BoraTreasurer – Vinh Bora

Bora brings a wealth of knowledge to our board, having worked in the NGO sector for many years. Previously, Bora held a workshop for our staff on micro finance, and his advice was crucial in setting up the program. He currently works at the Siem Reap Taxation Department.

Bora holds a Bachelor of General Management from Build Bright University, Siem Reap, and a Masters in Finance and Banking from the University of South East Asia.


Secretary – Try Sinoun

A native of Siem Reap, Sinoun is passionate about education and development in Cambodia. She currently works as a Production Manager at Senhoa Social Enterprise, is a volunteer librarian at Pannasastra University and coordinates the life skills program at Teachers for Tomorrow.

Sinoun holds a Bachelor of TESOL from the University of Pannasastra.


DSC_0244Advisor – Nuon Ya

Ya has worked for many different sectors such as education, NGOs and Hospitality. He currently works at Possibilities World Training Company as a Training Facilitator and Community Development Manager. After seeing great work of HHA team, he decided to join our board to bring his wealth of knowledge and experiences to share to our team with his great wisdom of building him up a better professional life and satisfying his stronger desire to work with Cambodian youth to strengthen their personal and professional potential to build  a better society of Cambodia.

Ya holds a Bachelor of Business Administration at Pannasastra University, Cambodia.


Advisor – Huot Dara

Dara brings more than 12 years of leadership, business development, marketing and customer service experience to our board. Currently the Chief Executive of Phare Performing Social Enterprise, Dara leads one of the first and most innovative businesses in arts and culture in Cambodia. Dara is passionate about empowering young Cambodians through building up their professional lives, and contributing his wealth of knowledge to help his community.

Dara holds a Bachelor of Economics from the University of Cambodia.