Chanty’s Hopes


“Before I never thought about my goal in life and I just so worry about my future, but after I attended sewing and life skill, I understand that it is so important. After I graduate sewing, I will go to work outside as a seamstress and then I will save money to set up a sewing shop”.


Chanty lives in a big family of 7 people and she is the oldest sister. She forced to stop studying in grade 11 when she was 19 because her parents cannot afford her to study and she had to help her parents on farming. She was not happy because she was enjoyed studying so much. After that she has helped her parents’ work on farming, growing rice and vegetables and aside from that she does house work.


When she had been told from her uncle about our sewing program , she was interested because she thought that she would gain a skill and able to earn money to help her family. Then she came to HHA, so she got a chance to learn sewing with us.


After just three months in our beginner class she took out our sewing machine loan, so she can practice her skill and also to earn money at home. She is so happy because she likes the class so much. Her learning has went very well and she also said that she likes life skill lessons that her teacher teaches every Friday because she has learned good knowledge from it.

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