Meet *Sokha

It has been a while since we have shared a success story of a community member we support. Today, we want to share the inspiring story of *Sokha, a preschool graduate.

Sokha’s mother is a graduate from our sewing program who wanted a better life for her family. When Sokha turned five, she was enrolled in the preschool program at Human and Hope Association. At first, Sokha was a quiet and shy girl who didn’t like to interact with other children.

Sokha’s parents, having been involved with Human and Hope Association for a few years, understood the importance of education. They attended our meetings and parenting workshops and learnt how to educate Sokha at home. They worked collaboratively with us to track Sokha’ s improvement.

After joining our preschool for one year, Sokha graduated and progressed to our Khmer language class, then our English class.

Sokha’s knowledge, attitude and behaviour have improved dramatically. She came top of her class at public school, and second in her English class at HHA. In just two short years, Sokha has come out of her shell and matured. She is talkative and plays with her friends. She can read and write in Khmer children book very well and spends her spare time reading books with her friends in our library. 

“I was very sorry that I didn’t have the opportunity to study, so I couldn’t help my daughter with her reading and writing. When I joined the workshops at HHA, I learnt how to help her at home despite my illiteracy. I always asked her about her study and my husband teaches her at home. I am very proud of Sokha because she received a good grade for her studies, she respects me and helps me with some of my housework as well.” Sangorb, Sokha’s mother

It costs $15 a month to provide a Cambodian child like Sokha with preschool education. Please sign up as a Monthly Champion so other children can be afforded this same opportunity.

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