Human and Hope Association

A New Member of our Team!

From 3rd June, we welcome a new member to our growing full time team. Sen San, the brother of our Teachers Thai and Set, will take up the position of Library and Education Assistant. San is a former Monk who recently left Monkhood after seven years. When he returned to Siem Reap, we immediately snapped him up to teach two evening classes. Impressed with his English ability, his passion for helping others, and his dedication to teaching, we decided to hire him full time.

In his role as Library and Education Assistant, San will be responsible for recruiting students for our new Let’s Go Starter classes, to cope with the fact that some of our students don’t even know the basics of the ABC’s. He will teach two of these classes a day, plus two additional classes, prepare educational resources, run the library and prepare and teach Morality lessons to the students in our Vocational Sewing Program.

Whilst San was a Monk in Kralanh District, 70km from Siem Reap, he set up an evening school called Buddhist Foreign Language Association, where more than 200 students are taught English from Let’s Go 1 and 2 from seven volunteer teachers and Monks. On the weekend, the students, who range from age five to seventeen, learn the subject of Morality from Dhamma’s teachings in order to live a life of respect, emotional fulfillment and integrity. We aim to work with San in order to support this school with resources and knowledge.

San is currently finishing his second semester in his second year at University. He paid for the first two years of his degree with money he made preaching the Dhamma to lay people when he was a Monk. In order to be able to continue studying at University, he requires funds to support this. We aim to raise $920 to provide him with a scholarship for his final two years of University. If you were interested in supporting this, please contact us.

We look forward to working with San to develop our organization further!