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A New Structure

Recently, the Director of our organization moved on to use his experience at another school. This has given us the opportunity to restructure the organization into a more streamlined approach, and allow existing staff to step up and take on more responsibility.

org structure

Given that we are committed to empowering local community members, our Operations Manager, Sally, will not be stepping up into the position of Director from her current second-in-charge position. She will continue in her current role and hand some of her existing responsibilities to our newly appointed Vocational Training Manager, Samen. She will focus on supporting the three Managers, and will continue to work towards Human and Hope Association’s sustainability so the organization can be completely Khmer operated by the end of 2015.

Our Community and Education Coordinator, Chhalin, will focus purely on education in his promotion to Education Manager. He will be responsible for recruiting three additional education staff members, two of which we already have the funding for, and continuing to overhaul the education system.

Our Community Liaison, Thai, who has been excelling in his role as Community Liaison, has been promoted to Community Manager. He will be responsible for all our community projects, including Microfinance, initiating our Family Farm Program and acting as an adviser to the rural school we support. Our Community and Education Assistant will report to Thai, along with our Security Guards and cleaners. At Human and Hope Association, we recruit financially challenged community members for these positions, so it makes sense that these roles are managed by Thai.

As mentioned above, our Community and Education Assistant, Samen, will be changing his role by moving into the position of Vocational Training Manager. He will continue to teach Preschool class with Teacher Chhalin in the mornings, and also Art Class on the weekends, as this is something he loves to do and is very good at. He will now manage our sewing program and assist Sally with setting up a sewing business so Human and Hope Association can teach our sewing students to make products to sell, thus generating an income for them and our organization. He will also be responsible for researching and implementing new vocational training programs, and already has an idea in the works.

We will also be seeking new nominations for our Khmer board of Directors, and by doing so we hope to have a solid group of experienced Khmers that our team can seek advice from.

When the time comes to promote a staff member to the position of Director, this will be a group decision.

As you can see, big changes are happening, and we are really looking forward to seeing our team thrive. If you were interested in making a donation to assist with the increased salaries which come with these promotions, you can donate at

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