A Trip to Baray

After we celebrated the “Ceremony of Completion” for our English classes on Sunday 13th of October, on Tuesday 15th of October we organised a trip to Baray all together.

This trip was to build relationship and to reduce the stresses felt by our HHA members in the last semester and to  prepare our mind to do good job for next semester.

There are seventeen people included our Director and Operation Manager, volunteer teachers, staff, sewing teachers and their assistants, a Monk with his boy and a security guard. We gathered in HHA at 9am. And thanks to Chhalin who got up so early to cook delicious rice for us. At Baray we bought some fruits and food for lunch and we rented two cottages to take a rest and see the view around there. It seems like a feast with many people.

After we already had lunch Sally, Thai, Salin, Phearon and Chhalin went swimming and they played tag in the water. They looked so happy and thank you to Phearon for paying for swimming tires. Samen, who is a Community and Education Assistant, wanted to swim too, but he can’t. He just laid down on the hammock and took a nap. Some people had a talk and some had a sleep.

About 2pm we went back to HHA. It was really good time for us. We were very happy and forget all our stresses because the breeze and a very beautiful landscape around Baray.

By Louem Salin, Education and Microfinance Assistant

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