At Human and Hope Association, we focus on the outcomes, not just the outputs. That means we won’t educate 500 people just so our statistics look good. We treat every villager uniquely and understand that every situation is unique. Below is just a handful of some of our success stories.


Vichet* is five years old. He used to spend his days being watched over by his eleven-year-old brother while his Mother, Father and older siblings would go to the forest to collect vegetables to sell. He started studying in the Preschool Program at Human and Hope Association, and the very shy, neglected boy started to thrive. He now knows the Khmer alphabet, can draw pictures, knows how to brush his teeth and has gained a lot of confidence. We enrolled him in public school in 2015 and he continues to study Khmer and English with us. His older brother and sister also study at HHA nowadays, too, and bring him on the 8km round journey each day. When he grows up, Vichet wants to be a policeman.

*For child protection purposes, the name of the student has been changed

It costs $15 a month to provide preschool education to a child. Become a Preschool Champion today!



*Sopheak is thirteen years old. He and his eight-year-old sister, *Srey, had never been to school. Our Education Manager noticed them on the street one day and enrolled Sopheak and Srey in our English program. Identifying that they will not have a good future unless they learn Khmer, we started daily Khmer classes for Sopheak and Srey, and four other village children who have never been to school. They were enrolled in Public School in November 2014 along with their younger brother. Sopheak came first in his class at public school and was able to skip a grade, and Srey and her younger brother came in the top ten! For three children who had never studied before, they are certainly naturals! These siblings continue to study at Human and Hope Association.

*For child protection purposes, the name of the students have been changed

It costs $12 a month to provide a scholarship to a child. Become a Scholarship Champion today!


Phalla dropped out of public school when she was 14 years old due to the death of her sister and the illness of her mother. She began working at a restaurant, earning just $50USD each month for six days of work per week. In 2013 she was approached to study sewing at Human and Hope Association.

After finishing the first semester, Phalla was chosen to be a sewing assistant and was trained by our sewing teacher, Seyla. When we expanded the sewing program she studied further and graduated in 2014. Phalla was promoted to be a sewing teacher in 2015, and with weekly development workshops and a scholarship to study English, she has grown immeasurably.

Now at 21 years of age, Phalla now works in the mornings at HHA, helping others to break free of the poverty cycle, and makes clothes for her neighbours in the afternoons.

“My family situation is much better with my skill. Now I have enough money to support my family.”

It costs $90 a month to provide a Cambodian woman with sewing training. Become a Sewing Champion today!