Amazing Team Building Trip – June 2016

Written by San Thai, Director

On 18 of June, our team had a trip through our six monthly staff trip with the purpose to reward their hard work and promote teamwork. We went to visit the temples around Angkor Wat (Grand tour) as most of them haven’t seen many temples yet.


We left HHA at 6:30 in the morning and picked up some staff on the ways. We planned to eat breakfast at a restaurant in the town which took about 20 minutes driving. Everyone was really enjoyed eating breakfast there as the food were delicious.After breakfast we went to buy the ticket for Sally, our advisor at the ticket booth and everyone took some photos there.


Then we continued our journey to our first temple, Angkor Wat, a Wonder and Symbol temple of Cambodia, and we planned to play our team building games there.


When we arrived Angkor Wat, we started to play our team building games which organized by Thai, our director. We started with the energizing games and then the awareness games. After playing any games, we had a small discussion about the main ideas of the games and someone who answer correctly, got the prize. We have three important awareness games.




The first game called “Building Angkor Wat”. The main ideas of this game are cooperation, patience and effective teamwork.


The second game called “Useful of Kroma (Cambodian Scarf). The main idea of this game is about understanding advantages of teamwork.


 The girl team is the winner!


The third game called “Snake”. The main idea of this game is about team trust and leadership. Everyone were really enjoyed the games and leaned from them.

10 (1)

 Our team eating snack

After playing games, we took a rest and ate snack we brought with together. Around half an hour, we finished our snack and packed them. So it was the time to visit the temples.


 Angkor Wat Temple14


Our team visited Angkor Wat for more than an hour and we took some beautiful group and individual photos inside.


 Our team eating lunch

At 11:20am we left Angkor Wat and we planned to have lunch near Bayon, our second temples in our plan. When we reached the restaurant, we ordered the food and drink for our staff and our team chose to sit on our mats, under the tree eating their lunch. We had waited for so long, due to the shop didn’t have enough rice and they had to cook.


 Bayon temple

After we finish our lunch, we continue visiting all temples in our plan such as Bayon, Ta Prum, Neak Pean, Ta Som, and Pre Rub. We also took some beautiful group and individual photos at every temple. Our staff was allowed to take some individual photos, then we printed for them to keep for their rewards and memory.


 Ta Prum Temple


 Neak Pean Temple


 Ta Som Temple


 Pre Rub Temple

After visited all the temples, our team looked tired, but they were fun altogether. Then we headed home and dropped some of our staff on the way.


 Free Fresh Water at Angkor Wat

From everyone here, we would like to say thank you so much to our Monthly Champions who donated to our staff trip this year. We look forward to having the next trip, in December!

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