Amazing trip to Phare, Cambodian Circus

Written by Phat Phyrom, Library and Education Assistant 

On 17th June 2015, we had a small amazing trip with students and the villager. We went to visit Phare by truck. We had 47 people include our students, villagers and teachers. We came to HHA at 6pm and left at 7pm. They all came on time. First I ask them “have they been to visited circus”? They said ,they have never visited, this is first time for them and I continued to ask “how about their feeling”? Some of them are happy and some are normal.

We arrived there at 7:35pm, first time I thought that It would so hard to control them because 80 percent are kids and some old people who never go to the town and don’t know about that area, but opposite about my idea, they had very good attitude and easy to control. When we arrived and met the staff of Phare, they are so friendly and we were greeting to them by said, How do you do! with Sampeas. The staff given us the tickets and they told us some rules while we visited and then took the photos with them.

After we took photos some students and their parents went to toilet before visit that shows. And we went inside the mall circus with smile shows. When we arrived, it’s so strange because visitors who visited circus are almost foreigners and no Khmer. The parents of children said that we are lucky because it is best place for visit the shows.

We waited about 20 minutes and shows started with TV describe about the story background and we kept silent looked the TV, and then we can saw real show play by the men and women of Phare with beautiful music that story they talk about ( A man that nobody like him because he had bad face and broken leg). While we were looking, some people and kids dropped their tear and scream, because that story is so sad, terrible and happy also.

After the show, we left from Phare place with smile face and glad, we counted our students and old people are enough and then back home. On the way back, I ask them “how about their feeling”?. They said that it was so amazing for them because it’s the first time for them to see absolutely best shows in their lives. But unfortunately, we had a small problem that a sewing student dropped her phone, but that problem is OK because she got it back. We arrived HHA at 9:45pm, the students and their parents came back with safety and the last words they said that thank you Sally and our teachers in HHA for this visit.

It is lucky for me too, if I don’t go I would not see this amazing show. Finally, thank you so much to Phare, Cambodian Circus for giving this great opportunity to our students and villagers to see the great show in their lives.

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