Announcing Sally Hetherington as the Volunteer of the Year in the 2018 Third Sector Awards!

We are proud to announce that the President of our Australian fundraising board, Sally Hetherington, has been named the 2018 Volunteer of the Year in the Third Sector Awards!

Sally’s commitment to alleviating poverty in Cambodia is grounded by her natural leadership, social entrepreneurship, and constant drive. As President, she manages a team of 14 volunteers and board members and is a leader who shows a genuine interest in the wellbeing of her team. Never one to complain, and always with a sense of humour, she is a constant support for her team and is responsible for recruiting, inducting and mentoring new staff. She places no emphasis on hierarchy and runs HHA Incorporated as a horizontal organisation whereby all staff members are appreciated, heard, and treated equally. She has produced a comprehensive board handbook and volunteer induction process, organises monthly board meetings, seeks out professional learning opportunities, and shares her learnings in how to run a successful ethical and sustainable organisation with other organisations.

By extension, Sally is critical in bridging the relationship between HHA Incorporated and HHA Cambodia. Having previously worked with HHA Cambodia for four years as our Operations Manager, Sally originally approached the third sector space as one who wanted to volunteer their time and help those out of poverty. Here, Sally observed the ineffectiveness of foreign aid, particularly through the high turn-over of unskilled volunteers and the correlating disempowerment of local staff. In realising the flaws in her original outlook, Sally made a personal commitment to assist HHA Cambodia to transform into a sustainable organisation with locally trained staff. Through Sally’s leadership, she oversaw the transition of HHA Cambodia becoming entirely Khmer-led, developed a constant stream of income and a donor database and developed critical relationships of trust with marginalised citizens including children, people living in poverty, and those impacted by domestic violence.

Through her diverse domestic and international experience in the third sector, Sally continues to reach new heights and achievements, and has to this day, done so without an ego, but a commitment to reducing poverty and achieving genuine social impact.

Well done, Sally!

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