Announcing WRA’s 2016 Unsung Hero!

We are so proud of our governing board President, Sreylin, who has been named as World Relief Australia‘s 2016 Unsung Hero!

Sreylin is a remarkable individual. One of eight children growing up in poverty in Cambodia, she always had a drive for developing herself. Sreylin is the only child in her family to graduate from university.

Despite putting so much energy into her full-time job at Child’s Dream, she has also been volunteering at Human and Hope Association for several years. Holding the position of Board President, Sreylin is responsible for mentoring and empowering the local team at HHA.

She says, “I want to be the change I want to see in my community. Can you imagine how hard it is not be able to access to education or lack of opportunity to enjoy the lifetime at all. I think it is vital to know what you want to do and see in your community, and then take an action.”

Sreylin frequently runs workshops for the team, offers consultation to HHA’s Director, ensures HHA is upholding their legal responsibilities and gives suggestions on how they can improve the positive impact on their community.

She is also an Advisor for Human and Hope Association Incorporated. We are so grateful for her commitment, motivation and insights which are absolutely invaluable to HHA Inc. and the excellent relationship between it and HHA Cambodia.

She does all this without being paid a cent.

“It is easy to say nice words but it is hard to do nice things. The only way to make a difference is to take the right action. Be the change!”

Sreylin, we salute your drive to empower your community, and we cannot wait to see how you continue to help Human and Hope Association and your society. You are our Unsung Hero.

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