Our art class was launched in 2013 in an effort to encourage creativity in our students. Each Sunday, around 20 students attend class. Run by our Education & Library Assistant and our Sustainability Assistant, they primarily use recycled resources so as to encourage a positive environmental impact. The art class students are shown an example of how to make a craft item and then are encouraged to incorporate their own individuality and unique flair into it.

After their creations are finished, the students hang up their artwork in our study area in order to create a sense of pride and achievement. The students then watch a movie in English, and receive a health piece of fruit to snack on that has been grown on our farm at Human and Hope Association.

Our art class has brought out our student’s creativity, a trait which is often stifled at Public School. By promoting creativity and independent thinking, our students are able to expand their way of thinking. Art class has also served the purpose of recruiting more students into our English and Khmer language programs, ensuring that more students have access to education so they can break the cycle of poverty.




*Chanta is 12 years old. When he first began attending art class he sat off to the side and when our staff tried to engage him, he replied with “I have no ability.” Slowly but surely, Chanta began participating in class and his creativity and confidence improved greatly under the guidance of our team.

Nowadays Chanta attends art class most weeks and we have been able to enrol him in our English classes, too! Our art classes are a good avenue for our students to become involved in our other projects.

It costs $30 a month to sponsor 10 children in art class. Become a Creativity Champion today!