Human and Hope Association


At Human and Hope Association we recognise that our most important resources are our staff members; they are the hard working, passionate and knowledgeable people who empower our villagers to move out of poverty. Without them, our programs wouldn’t be as successful as they are. Our salaries are are competitive with other grassroots NGO’s and we offer an empowering and supportive environment in addition the following benefits:

  • Six monthly salary increases up to 10% in accordance with performance reviews
  • Staff savings scheme, whereby they save 3.5% of their salary with HHA and we match this
  • Daily lunch
  • Petrol allowance
  • Bicycle helmets and motorbike helmets
  • University and further education scholarships (dependent on position)
  • Weekly internal training
  • Frequent external training
  • Medical costs (where funds are available)
  • Paid public holidays, sick leave, special leave and maternity leave in compliance with the Cambodian Labor Law

SeylaSeyla fell off a roof in 2014 when he was fixing his family’s house. As he was working as a part-time sewing teacher at that stage, his family didn’t have the funds to send him to hospital. Our team took him to a private clinic, where it was discovered he had a broken foot and an injured back. We paid for his medical costs, took him to check ups and also paid his salary for the seven weeks he was off work. It gave him the time he needed to recover, and also showed him how much we value him. Seyla was later promoted to a full-time position. 

We are looking for support of our staff health fund. It costs $1,000AUD to provide 14 staff members with quality health care for two years. Take a look at this proposal, and contact us if you are able to become a Health Champion.