• Salin Loeum wins The Diana Award Roll of Honour 2019

    A huge congratulations goes to our Education & Community Manager, Salin Loeum, on winning a 2019 Diana Award for his tireless work to educate Cambodian children so they can break the cycle of poverty.

    Salin volunteered at Human and Hope Association for two years before earning a minimal salary. His dedication and selflessness since co-founding the organisation in 2011 is truly an inspiration for a man who has grown up in poverty. For eight years, Salin has been at the forefront of the development of his community, contributing to the education of over 500 disadvantaged children.

    Salin grew up in poverty in Pursat, in rural Cambodia. His family struggled to survive day-to-day in a country that was slowly recovering from the aftermath of a mass genocide that had killed 2 million people (a quarter of the population). Despite his family’s financial struggles, his father enrolled him at school at age six, where he studied in an old building made of palm leaves. He was the subject of corporal punishment, which made him determined to become a teacher when he was older who would treat his students with patience and respect.

    Moving to Siem Reap when he was eight, Salin always came top of his class, as he wanted to receive the free study supplies that came with this recognition, enabling him to stay in school and alleviating the financial burden from his parents who had sunk further into debt.

    This determination led to him graduating from high school in 2014, a year when only 27.5% of year 12 students nation-wide passed. Salin then began studying at university on a scholarship through Human and Hope Association’s program, choosing to study a Bachelor of English Literature so he could become the best teacher possible, and afford children in his community the quality education he didn’t receive.

    We are so fortunate to have Salin on our team, and are thrilled that he has been recognised as an outstanding young person who is selflessly creating and sustaining positive social change in memory of Diana, Princess of Wales.

  • Welcome, Kim Napier!

    Our Australian fundraising partner, Human and Hope Association Incorporated, is pleased to announce the appointment of Kim Napier are their ambassador. Kim is the co-host and producer of The World Nomads Podcast, delivering stories highlighting adventurous independent travellers.

    Kim also captures audio for eLearning, her work with the Australian Injecting & Illicit Drug Users League, helping to create a podcast series to encourage better communication and clinical interactions between drug users and medical professionals, was recognised globally.

    Kim is also a radio journalist with Nova Entertainment, reading for Nova national and smooth in Melbourne and Sydney.

    “I am beyond thrilled to be appointed an ambassador with Human and Hope. I strongly believe supporting training and education to build local capacity is the only way to do good and avoid harming communities. Voluntourism shouldn’t be a booming industry and by being an ambassador with H &H I am able to add my voice to the argument that self-fulfilment is no solution.” – Kim Napier

  • Medal of the Order of Australia for Sally Hetherington

    We are pleased to announce that Sally Hetherington, our former operations manager and current President of Human and Hope Association Incorporated has been awarded a Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) for service to the international community through charitable initiatives.

    The Order of Australia is the principal means of recognising outstanding members of the Australian community. In a time where voluntourism and orphanage tourism is having a light shone on it for its negativity, Sally’s contribution to the empowerment of locally-run organisations is truly inspiring. She speaks out against voluntourism and is determined to show Australians that Cambodians are capable of running their own not-for-profits without partaking in international voluntourism.

    “It is truly a privilege to be included on the Queen’s Birthday Honour Roll. I am thrilled to be recognised for my continued work with Human and Hope Association and am hopeful that more people will come to know what a remarkable organisation this is,” says Sally.

    Sally is one-of-a-kind who is setting examples and leading the way when it comes to international development. We are so proud of her achievements.

    To learn more about Sally’s journey, purchase a copy of her newly released manifesto, ‘It’s Not About Me’. All proceeds support Human and Hope Association Inc.

  • The Anti-Poverty Project

    “My family’s situation is so much better than before. I am so proud that I can provide my children with the food, shelter and education they need and deserve.”

    Chomrong was forced to stop studying in grade eight due to the extreme poverty her family experienced. Working as a builder, she faced physical and mental obstacles whilst earning less than one dollar a day.

    Chomrong went on to get married and have three children, but she found it difficult to buy food for her family due to her meager salary. Living in a dilapidated house made from palm leaves and bamboo, she was unsure if the structure would survive the unpredictable weather. Chomrong feared that her children would lead the same difficult life as her and was at a loss as to how to improve their living situation.

    When Chomrong was approached by Human and Hope Association in 2014, she jumped at the chance to study sewing. She rode her bike on a 10km round journey each day for a year, learning the skills required to set up her own business. She was later hired as our sewing teacher and is empowering other women to break the cycle of poverty.

    Chomrong and her family now have a new brick home. All three of her children are studying at Human and Hope Association and continue their progress at public school where they are at the top of their classes. Chomrong earns around $300 a month, ten times what she previously earnt. Her family is living free from poverty, violence and disease thanks to our holistic programs that involve mothers, fathers and children.

    This end of financial year, we want to take two more families out of poverty by involving them in our empowering programs.

    Help us create a better life for Cambodian men, women and children by making a tax-deductible donation today.


    In April every year, we are very excited to celebrate our Khmer New Year. It is last for three days from 14-16. Most Cambodians who work away from home, they go back to their hometown to visit their families. This 3-day celebration is a great time for them to spend time and enjoy with their families, relatives and friends.
    As for Human and Hope Association, we will be closed for a week to celebrate, so our staff and students will have enough time to enjoy with their families members and friends.
    Before we close, we had a very wonderful day together, dancing and playing our traditional games. Hope enjoy watching the photos and videos.
    Thank you so much for your support. Without you, we cannot make our community smile and hope.
    We wish you all the best!
    Team HHA