• Building the Future Leaders of Cambodia

    We wish to establish a Student Development Program in 2019. The aim of this program is to inspire our students to become leaders through mentoring and exploring the world around them.

    Most of our students come from vulnerable backgrounds, and although they are surrounded by great role models when they study at Human and Hope Association, we can’t say the same for their home lives. This development program will see the students immersed in mentoring activities, excursions and leadership workshops so they can expand their minds, knowledge, skills and teamwork.


    Our country is in need of ethical leaders. We know that it is difficult to make the change from high up, which is why our grassroots approach is most effective. We are essentially building tomorrow’s leaders who will act with compassion, empathy and integrity.

    The three activities that will form the Student Development Program are:

    1. Mentoring program
    This program will provide mentoring opportunities for our sewing students about their studies, family issues, future employment and other personal development plans. All current sewing students will partake in the program over 10 months. Mentored by our Director and Vocational Training Coordinator, these students will be met with individually for 30 minutes each once a month. Our staff and students will make an action plan so the students can take the necessary steps to achieve their goals. This will form part of our ongoing monitoring and evaluation strategy.

    Our graduated English students will also have the opportunity to be mentored on their future goals, including their study plans and employment opportunities. Over six months, 30 students who have graduated from our final English level will be mentored by our Education and Community Manager. Their parents will also be involved in the program so they can help keep their children on track with their action plan, and ensure they achieve their goals.

    2. Excursions
    As the majority of our students live in poverty, they aren’t fortunate enough to leave their village often. Our excursions will encourage the students to learn about the world around them by partaking in various experiences.

    Three times a year, 50 of our students aged from nine and up will be selected to join the trips through a lucky draw. In addition to visiting different locations, a mentoring session will be conducted throughout the trips to reflect on what the students learn and experience. There will also be team building games so the students learn that they are so much stronger together. The suggested excursions are as follows:

    Trip 1: Visit Angkor Wat, businesses and Angkor National Museum

    Trip 2: Go to the cinema and play football (Cambodia’s favourite sport)

    Trip 3: Join social events such as planting trees, cleaning up rubbish or visiting Phare, the Cambodian Circus

    3. Youth Leadership Scholarships
    Our outstanding students will be provided with scholarships to join the Possibilities World Youth Leadership program. We have been sending our staff on training at Possibilities World since 2014, and always feel empowered and inspired. We want our students over the age of 13 to feel the same way. We will select the participants as follows:

    #1 priority: The top three students aged between 12 and 19
    #2 priority: The outstanding students (role model students)
    #3 priority: The students who have the highest scores

    The students will learn the following topics:

    1. Self-leadership and confident development
    2. Goal-setting and project management
    3. Effective problem-solving and resourcefulness
    4. Proactive team development and communication

    Upon the completion of the program, students will be able to acquire skills in standing up for themselves and others, managing peer pressure, believing in their values and worth, developing critical thinking skills to help them in positive decision-making, and the importance of working collectively and collaboratively in overcoming challenges.

    Please contact us if you are able to fund a component of the student development program or the full program.

  • An Overview of HHA Inc’s Income Sources 2017-18

    Our Australian Fundraising Board, Human and Hope Association Incorporated, have been busy preparing their end-of-year financial reports for their audit. With their annual report being released in the coming weeks, we wanted to share with you their overview of where their funds came from in the 2017-18 financial year.

    This year, we have restructured our fundraising board and have welcomed a new team of skilled, passionate volunteers who contribute to our cause of financial sustainability.

    We were awarded a $9,300AUD grant from 100 Women, a giving circle in Perth who support women and girls’ empowerment. 

    Every fortnight, we hold a weekend market stall in Sydney to sell our beautiful Hope Handicrafts, all handmade by our talented team of seamstresses who have graduated from our sewing program. In the last financial year, we made $5,500AUD in sales.  

    Business Support
    Life Interwoven extended their support for one year, where a portion of their proceeds goes to our education programs. Wild Mountain Child donates 50 cents from every online sale of their ethically-made goods. Xplore for Success generously donated two new computers for our education team. Quit with Nick and Temples and Markets support us on a monthly basis.

    Our Events Coordinator, Katherine, held a successful Ocean’s Eight fundraiser in Sydney and raised an incredible $1,091.50AUD. We are also excited to welcome two new volunteer event coordinators to expand our campaigns. 

    Media and Public Speaking
    Our President, Sally, spoke at a variety of rotary clubs and raised a few hundred dollars. Two new advocate speakers have also joined from Victoria and Sydney to expand our awareness raising opportunities. 

    Monthly Donors
    This year, 30 supporters completed their donor relationship with us which we are extremely grateful for. We have also secured a contract renewal with our fiscal sponsor, World Relief Australia

    EOFY campaign
    In May 2018, we set up an online fundraising campaign ahead of the end of the financial year, to support children through education. While under target, we have raised $3,800AUD to date.

  • Our New Online Store

    We are very excited to bring you our new online store! There are many items on our wish list that you can help us purchase. You can feel happy knowing you are supporting Cambodian families to address social issues and break the cycle of poverty. Check out the items available below.

    Farming Pack ($20AUD) – Provide a farming pack to a Cambodian family. They will study in a one-month theoretical program and receive this pack to put their knowledge into action.

    Hygiene Pack ($10AUD) –  Provide a hygiene pack to a class of preschool students, including toothbrushes and toothpaste so they can brush their teeth daily.

    Nutrition Pack ($32AUD) –  Our sewing students receive rice and vegetables every day they study, so we can ensure their families are well-fed while they take the time out to learn a new skill. Your gift will ensure a woman receives a nutritious food pack for a month.

    Opportunity Scholarship ($11AUD) –  Your gift will ensure a Cambodian child living in poverty receives an Opportunity Scholarship. This includes a shoulder bag made by sewing graduates, a textbook, pencil sharpener and eraser every term, along with a pen and pencil every month and a notebook every two months for a year.

    Rice Bag ($45AUD) – Purchase a 50kg bag of rice, so our staff can receive a nutritious daily lunch at our community centre. This will ensure they have the energy to empower our community.

    School Starter Kit ($15AUD) – Help a Cambodian child get off to school by purchasing a school starter kit. This kit includes a school uniform, backpack, chalkboard, notebooks and stationery. It is presented to a preschool graduate in October once they have finished their year-long class and are transitioning to public school.

    Set of Library Books ($14AUD) – Provide a set of four new books to the students at Human and Hope Association, keeping them engaged with learning.

    Sewing Starter Kit ($12AUD) – Help a Cambodian woman get a business off the ground by providing her with a sewing starter kit. This kit will be presented three months into the sewing program when she takes out a sewing machine microfinance loan. This kit will give her the necessary resources to earn an income from her home.

  • Our Eco-Bags Are Ethically-Made in Cambodia

    Our new eco-bags are the perfect eco-friendly accessory. The bags are made from colourful cotton fabrics, and each one folds into the outer pocket, making it easy to store in your bag. Not only are they super durable and practical, they are also fashionable, and come in a range of colours.

    Every eco-bag provides 10 hours of education to a Cambodian child living in poverty. Not only will you be contributing positively to the environment and creating a livelihood for Cambodian women, you are also helping children to break the cycle of poverty through education.

    These eco-bags have been handmade in Cambodian by women who have graduated from a 1o-month sewing program at Human and Hope Association. The eco-bags are made individually made at the homes of these women, using sewing machines purchased through interest-free microfinance loans.

    Purchase an eco-bag for just $9.99AUD today.

  • How HHA scholarship impacts to our staff’s lives

    Our staff recieved the outstanding students certificates

    Our university scholarship program was launched in 2013 and will wrap up this year. During this time:

    • Five staff members have studied at the Australian Centre for Education
    • Six staff members have studied at University
    • Three staff members have graduated from a four-year Bachelor of management and education.

    Due to significant salary increases that are competitive with other not-for-profits, we will cease this program and place any remaining funds into our staff development program. We believe in not only empowering and educating our students, but empowering and educating our staff as well so they can lead fulfilling lives and pass on their knowledge to future generations.

    “As the oldest son in a poor family, I have never imagined I could pursue a bachelor degree at university. Fortunately, through HHA university scholarship program, it became possible for me. I was able to pursue my further education at a university. Studying in university for four years, I have bettered my teaching skills and have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge. Armed with these tools, I commit to using them to develop my profession and life. Thanks, HHA for providing me a scholarship to study at university; it makes a big difference in my life.” Salin – our Education and Community Manager, graduated from Bachelor of English Literature

    “Being a part of HHA team, I could see that I am developed from time to time of being a good teacher and staff. Through the HHA scholarship program, I could get out of the financial problem. HHA helps me a lot of things not only the scholarship support but also the soft skills that helps improve myself with emotional, physical, and career. HHA helps me succeed my dream to study at the university for the bachelor of English literature where I can strengthen my ability to pursue my career in the future. Now, it is four years of school life has completely finished successfully and I am proud of being working and learning with this education. Thanks HHA again for helping me to pass this level of education without any worries and become the one who have graduated from university in my family members. I will use this value education to educate my young generation and help back to the community.” Bunrong our Education and Community Assistant, graduated from Bachelor of English Literature

    “A life in a poor family is not easy because we needed to work hard to help the family since we were young.  Mostly, we missed the opportunity to have a better education, and good nutrition.  Fortunately, I am one of a lucky person because I could graduate from the university, although my family was poor. This meaningful luck, I would like to thank for the HHA scholarship for supporting me to study for four years in the university. This education is very important for me because it helped me to achieve such a great thing in my life that I never thought of, especially I can use the knowledge and skills for my current job at HHA, as well as my whole life. It also taught me that education is very important, so I decided to continue my master degree for another two years and half. In addition, through this education and my experiences in a poor family I learned a lot of things about life. I learned that to achieve my dream, I am not only work hard, but also need to work smart along with passion, patience, persistence and professionalism. Especially, I learned that education is the key to move out of the poverty. That is why, I love working at HHA because I believe that HHA is doing the right thing to empower our community members moving out of the poverty bracket through education, training and support.” Thai – our Director, graduated from Bachelor of Business Administration