Building the Future Leaders of Cambodia

We wish to establish a Student Development Program in 2019. The aim of this program is to inspire our students to become leaders through mentoring and exploring the world around them.

Most of our students come from vulnerable backgrounds, and although they are surrounded by great role models when they study at Human and Hope Association, we can’t say the same for their home lives. This development program will see the students immersed in mentoring activities, excursions and leadership workshops so they can expand their minds, knowledge, skills and teamwork.


Our country is in need of ethical leaders. We know that it is difficult to make the change from high up, which is why our grassroots approach is most effective. We are essentially building tomorrow’s leaders who will act with compassion, empathy and integrity.

The three activities that will form the Student Development Program are:

1. Mentoring program
This program will provide mentoring opportunities for our sewing students about their studies, family issues, future employment and other personal development plans. All current sewing students will partake in the program over 10 months. Mentored by our Director and Vocational Training Coordinator, these students will be met with individually for 30 minutes each once a month. Our staff and students will make an action plan so the students can take the necessary steps to achieve their goals. This will form part of our ongoing monitoring and evaluation strategy.

Our graduated English students will also have the opportunity to be mentored on their future goals, including their study plans and employment opportunities. Over six months, 30 students who have graduated from our final English level will be mentored by our Education and Community Manager. Their parents will also be involved in the program so they can help keep their children on track with their action plan, and ensure they achieve their goals.

2. Excursions
As the majority of our students live in poverty, they aren’t fortunate enough to leave their village often. Our excursions will encourage the students to learn about the world around them by partaking in various experiences.

Three times a year, 50 of our students aged from nine and up will be selected to join the trips through a lucky draw. In addition to visiting different locations, a mentoring session will be conducted throughout the trips to reflect on what the students learn and experience. There will also be team building games so the students learn that they are so much stronger together. The suggested excursions are as follows:

Trip 1: Visit Angkor Wat, businesses and Angkor National Museum

Trip 2: Go to the cinema and play football (Cambodia’s favourite sport)

Trip 3: Join social events such as planting trees, cleaning up rubbish or visiting Phare, the Cambodian Circus

3. Youth Leadership Scholarships
Our outstanding students will be provided with scholarships to join the Possibilities World Youth Leadership program. We have been sending our staff on training at Possibilities World since 2014, and always feel empowered and inspired. We want our students over the age of 13 to feel the same way. We will select the participants as follows:

#1 priority: The top three students aged between 12 and 19
#2 priority: The outstanding students (role model students)
#3 priority: The students who have the highest scores

The students will learn the following topics:

1. Self-leadership and confident development
2. Goal-setting and project management
3. Effective problem-solving and resourcefulness
4. Proactive team development and communication

Upon the completion of the program, students will be able to acquire skills in standing up for themselves and others, managing peer pressure, believing in their values and worth, developing critical thinking skills to help them in positive decision-making, and the importance of working collectively and collaboratively in overcoming challenges.

Please contact us if you are able to fund a component of the student development program or the full program.

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