Bunrong, English Teacher says about his scholarship!


Written by Ngoy Bunrong, English Teacher

My name is Bunrong. I came from a rural area in Takeo Province, Cambodia. I have five people in my family. I have no sister and I am the oldest. While I was learning in high school, I was a part time English teacher at a small NGO in my hometown. After I graduated from high school in 2013, I decided to leave that job because I wished to continue my study at university. So I decided to come to Siem Reap. But I didn’t have money to afford my university yet, so I just studied English outside and worked as a waiter in a restaurant and hotel for a year. Later on I have started university in the faculty of English literature. Then I tried to find a job that is relevant to my major because I want to be a professor of English in my future. Luckily I found a job and work as an English teacher again at Human and Hope Association. I feel very hopeful and surprised with my job because they provided me many opportunities to work and join the workshops. Especially, I love teaching the kids. I am provided a scholarship to study at university after my probation of six months. I am very happy because before this, I had a financial problem to pay my university tuition that I was so worry. I am  very glad to have a scholarship and I can help my parents a lot.

I commit all my best to fulfill my role at Human and Hope Association to serve back to my community.

Thank you so much HHA!

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