How this Cambodian woman has been empowered after attending our sewing program

“I’ve never imagined that I can do good job with my sewing skill because I could learn only in grade one at school and I cannot write and read Khmer at all, but now I became a seamstress of HHA and can earn some money by myself at home too. My husband is also happy to see that I can earn the income and now we don’t have any argument as before.”

Sangob could only study until grade 1 because her parents forced her to stop to help their work. At the age of 14, she worked as a builder and in her free time she collected rattan to make the basket. Then she worked as a gardener

When she was 20, she got marry. She and her husband lives in a cottage. After married, she worked as a housekeeper and sometimes worked as a construction builder with her husband. After a year later, she had a child, so she stopped working and just stayed home to look after her child. She did housework and in her free time, she grew vegetables.

One day, through our staff outreach, we met her and told her about our sewing program. She was interested, but that time she had got an itchy rash on her body which was happened with her for a long time. She was afraid that she could not study. Our staff told her to go to the partner NGO which provides free health care service for community members. After hearing this information, she had tried to cure her illness until it was recovered and could come to learn sewing with us.

After studying sewing with us for three months, she took out our sewing machine loan. Through her great skill and great attitude; we promoted her to be our seamstress to make our products at home. Sangorb has tried to study so hard until she has completed our full course of sewing skill. She then has paid out her first loan and took out the second machine loan to buy the hemming machine.

Sangorb has set up her own sewing shop and groceries shop at home. She can earn a good income to support her family with an average of $100 per month.

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