Become a Monthly Champion

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By signing up to support our wonderful Cambodian NGO, you can empower one of our champions to break the cycle of poverty, from just $10 per month.

Language Champion – $10 per month

You will provide English education to a Cambodian child to study. Not only will this enable them to study English four days a week, it will also allow them to partake in weekly living values classes, addressing social issues in Cambodia


Creativity Champion – $30 per month – MOST POPULAR

You will provide 10 Cambodian children with art class for a month. Help encourage creativity, and let their confidence shine! Each student receives a piece of fruit each week and also watches a movie.


Sewing Champion – $90 per month

You will provide one villager with access to the sewing program, which includes sewing training as well as workshops. At the end, the student will have the opportunity to purchase a sewing machine and start a business.


 Make a Real Difference in Cambodia

Your money will go to supporting one of our champions (like Chomrong below). We take the trust you put in us very seriously, and we promise our money will always go where we say it does.  For example, if you are a ‘library’ champion, we will make sure your money is only used for that purpose.

Meet Chomrong – Sewing Champion

Chomrong went from earning 88c a day as a builder to running her own sewing business and teaching at HHA.

“I was so proud when I graduated, as I set up a business at my home and made products for HHA, now I am a sewing teacher too. The weekly workshops at HHA in have empowered me and given me the confidence to help others. I am even building a new home for my family, and my children also study in preschool, Khmer and English! Thank you to the monthly champions who supported me to change my life.”

Receive Exclusive Champion Benefits

Monthly champions are a special part of the HHA team. Your ongoing support allows our team to keep doing their great work in the community, helping people to achieve their goals and defeat the poverty cycle.

Therefore, becoming a monthly champion entitles you to some great “champion only” benefits. You will receive a personal welcome email from our director, Thai, as well as an exclusive quarterly champion email, yearly anniversary certificates and invites to our events!

Meet Nick – Monthly Champion

Nick has been a monthly champion for our Cambodian NGO for four years.

“Empowering people to help themselves is hard work, but I’m a firm believer this is one of the best things anyone can do for someone else. I’ve been fortunate to be across HHA and its developments for a number of years now and can vouch that they work hard to help Cambodians develop self-sustainable lives through practical skills and education. I am sure their tireless efforts have made a great difference to so many lives and I’m proud to continue to help HHA realise their vision.”