Change and Hope of our sewing student!

“After I graduate sewing, I will apply to work at my old workplace or I will work at sewing shop. When I have enough money, I will set up a sewing shop at my house”.

When she was young, she wanted to be a teacher. Her parents wanted her stop studying so she could help them work. Instead, she grew vegetables at home in her spare time to support her studies. After she graduated high school, she wanted to apply to study to become a Khmer language teacher. Her parents disagreed. She asked again, but they still disagreed, as they didn’t have money to support her studies and told her that she had to help them earn money. She had no choice but to follow them.

Her first job was packing in a factory. She fell in love with a man who worked there, and they got married and had a daughter. Her health became bad, so she had to stop working. After she heard about the sewing program at Human and Hope Association through her friend who had studied there. She was really interested and successful in applying.

Soeurm had attended our sewing course for 10 months and she has just graduated last November 2016. After learning for three months, she took out our sewing microfinance loan. She could practice her skill at home and earn some money through fixing and making clothes for her neighbor. Through her great attitude and great sewing skill, she was hired as our seamstress to make our products. Now she can earn around $60 per month.

“I really thank HHA who gave me this opportunity to learn sewing skill and provides me with good life skill lessons every Friday, and also given me good advice to solve my family problem. I am really happy because I can earn money to support my family”.

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