Human and Hope Association

Changes at Human and Hope!

Last week a meeting was held between staff to discuss the merger between Human and Hope Association and Angkor Khmer Silk Women Light Handicraft which occurred in October. After a lot of discussion, it was decided it was in the best interest of each NGO to part ways for the time being, due to different goals and visions for the organisation. Given both organisations are entirely volunteer run, time limitations, combined with different visions for the future, resulted in both parties agreeing to separate and reconvene in a couple of years once both are more developed.

Our Operations Manager, Sally, will still be helping Angkor Khmer Silk Women Light Handicraft with their marketing, and our door is always open to them. You can take a look at their website at

We had originally merged in order to learn from Angkor Handicraft about their vocational training, so now Human and Hope will be sourcing funds to set up our own sewing vocational training program, with the goal being to teach selected women in our surrounding community sewing skills, and setting up a market stall with clothing items targeted at tourists. Expect more news on this in the coming weeks!