Child Protection Action Plan


At Human and Hope Association, we are committed to following our Child Protection Policy and ensuring we have the resources to prevent and respond to any child abuse which happens at our school and in the community. After running several child protection workshops, our staff have compiled the following actions which we will take to increase our child protection at Human and Hope Association, and promote it in the community. We have decided on a deadline of March 31st to initiate these actions, and will constantly monitor and evaluate the impact of these measures.

  • We will run workshops for each new semester of our sewing program, Preschool program, Microfinance program and Family Farm program on child protection, so all our associates are aware of our child protection policy and the purpose
  • Topics related to child protection will be incorporated into our Morality curriculum, including children’s rights, good touch bad touch and the different types of abuse
  • When we make announcements to the community, we will state “Human and Hope Association abides by a child protection policy” at the bottom
  • We will make an announcement to our students that if they have any problems in their personal lives to please see our teachers.
  • The main points of the child protection policy will be summarized and placed into the teaching folders for our staff to read each week and sign that they have understood it. For office staff, they will have a copy to keep in their desk and read and sign each week.
  • We will hang signs around the building expressing the four key messages from the Good Touch, Bad Touch workshop.
  • A workshop will be held to educate the Heads of Villagers, Deputy Heads of Villagers and Head Monk about child protection and how to promote this in the community.
  • A brochure will be established about child abuse to share with the villagers on community visits
  • Our Community Liaison will closely cooperate with the Public School Directors and share our child protection knowledge and resources with them.
  • There will be conditions related to child protection in our contracts with the beneficiaries of our projects. They must be followed, or the beneficiaries will be terminated from our projects.
  • At the end of semester ceremony every six months, a poster will be displayed to announce that Human and Hope Association and our associates support child protection.
  • Our staff vow to be good role models and follow child protection rules and promote this in our community.

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