Human and Hope Association

Code of Conduct

Last Sunday our staff participated in a Code of Conduct workshop. The purpose of this workshop was to get the staff thinking about the values and morals they should be upholding at Human and Hope in order to be good role models for our students and the community.

The workshop started with the staff learning about our mission, aims and values.  They then went on to play a game about cooperation, with the team getting into pairs and attempting to stand up without using their hands. The first attempt was too easy for our team, so to make it more difficult, they had another turn starting with their legs laying out, and their arms linked together. Teacher Longdy said “I had to support my partner when he almost fell down. When we cooperate with each other, we have to support each other”. What a great lesson!

The next activity was a tough one! The team had to stand in a circle and each grab the arms of other people in the circle. They then had to use their problem solving skills to to form a circle again, with free arms, and without letting go of anyone. They got straight into it, but after about 15 minutes, with time running out for everyone to get to a ceremony in honour of Venerable Hen’s parents, we had to finish without the end result achieved. The lesson learnt from this was that when solving a problem, you have to step back and look at the bigger picture and other peoples perspectives, not just your own.

Next, it was time to get the balloons out and work on the teams communication skills. The challenge? Complete the short walk from our building to the pagoda, and back. Sounds simple, but the team had to do it whilst holding balloons pressed to the back of the person in front of them, without using their hands, and without dropping the balloons. After a few shaky starts, Teacher Longdy appointed himself the Team Leader and brought the group to victory (although Teacher Chhalin dropped his balloon RIGHT at the end). The team said that they learnt that communication is necessary to know what is happening around Human and Hope, and that we should always be respectful when communicating, just as Teacher Longdy was when he was Team Leader.

The final activity was a test of respect. In pairs, the Teachers had to maintain eye contact with their partner whilst walking towards them and back from them. The aim was to get the team thinking about how eye contact really affects the respect you give someone. Teacher Chhalin admitted that even though he is very shy and rarely gives eye contact to people, he understands it is not respectful and is going to try to overcome his shyness to achieve this!

We are going to take all the ideas the staff gave and compose a Code of Conduct in the next couple of weeks. All in all, a successful workshop!