Coins for Cambodia

Coins for Cambodia is an incredibly simple way for you to help Human and Hope Association! Just sign up and click the link below to download a funky cover for you to make your own piggy bank. Then when you have those annoying silver coins you don’t want to carry around, just put them into your Coins for Cambodia tin. All monies are then deposited into our bank account by the end of November each year so we can ensure we account for it in the following year’s budget!

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Thanks for registering! We will send you a confirmation email soon. For now, we want to get the word out about this challenge, so please tell your friends that you just signed up to Coins for Cambodia! “I just signed up to #coinsforcambodia to raise money for Human and Hope Association. You should sign up, too! http://goo.gl/EZx4EF”


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coins-for-cambodiaBen Brown raised $220 to support Coins for Cambodia in 2016. A long time supporter of Human and Hope Association, Ben saw Coins for Cambodia as an easy way to increase his assistance.

“My trick was to put a gold coin into my Coins for Cambodia tin as often as possible. I also recruited my family and friends to help. It wasn’t difficult, as many people don’t like to carry around loose change anymore. I found that they were happy to get rid of it, especially as it was going towards a good cause!”

The funds raised was enough to provide English education to two Cambodian children for a year.

We like Ben’s idea of getting family and friends involved. How about setting up a tin at your workplace, or carrying it around at your next sporting event? You never know, you may just hit Ben’s target, or exceed it!