Community Programs

Our community development programs are targeted at families in our community who require extra support on top of our education and training programs. 

This project was established in response to the economic impact that the pandemic had on our community. 

Families partake in two days of workshops and are provided with the resources needed to set up their own farms at home. They are supported with four months of mentoring by our team, and 100% of the families grow food for personal consumption, with 50% selling surplus produce as an income source.

Our workshops address the social issues faced by our community. They include:

– Domestic violence workshops

– Good Touch, Bad Touch

– Child protection

– Road Safety

– Budgeting

– Hygiene

– Parenting



Our community team promote the benefits of education to the community and encourage parents to enrol their children in public school. Our most at-risk beneficiaries are visited every two months, so their progress can be tracked. 

In response to the pandemic, we initiated a program that saw over 1,300 families receive rice, eggs, fish and noodles. By working with our commune chiefs we were able to identify families that were struggling to survive, and provide temporary relief until we established our Home Food Garden Project.

There are hundreds of community members on our waiting list. Help us reach them.