We offer a range of community workshops to our villagers on an ongoing basis, addressing the social issues they face. We recruit the participants through our students, word of mouth and community announcements.

Domestic Violence Community Workshops

Studies have shown that every one in four women in Cambodia will experience domestic violence in her lifetime, however these figures seem to be higher in our community. We hold domestic violence workshops for our community members in order to try and prevent/stop this violence and make our community members realise that domestic violence isn’t just physical; it is also sexual, emotional, economic, or psychological actions or threats of actions. These workshops empower people who are victims of domestic violence to know about their rights and try to make the perpetrators stop.

Good Touch, Bad Touch & Child Protection Community Workshops

Every six months we hold ‘Good Touch, Bad Touch’ workshops for the students in our education programs to provide our students with knowledge about sexual abuse and empower them to stand up for their rights and the rights of their friends. In addition to this, we hold child protection workshops for our sewing students, adults in our community programs and teachers at our local primary school to prevent violence against children, whether it be physical, sexual, emotional, neglect or child labour.

Road Safety Community Workshops

Our road safety workshops are held to tackle the startling statistics that more than six people die on the roads in Cambodia every day. These interactive workshops encourage the parents of our students to think seriously about their actions on the road, inform them about the Cambodian traffic law and promote the use of helmets.

Budgeting Community Workshops

Many of our community members find budgeting challenging. We began our budgeting workshops to assist them with basic financial management skills, goal setting and profit calculation. These workshops have particularly proven to be useful for small business owners who previously didn’t understand how to calculate the profit on their goods. It strengthens the businesses in our community, and helps villagers to allocate their money appropriately so they aren’t left short.



*Sokoung attended our domestic violence workshop after his wife told us he often used a sling shot against her. Although reluctant at first, he understands that what he was doing wasn’t right.

Sokoung has reduced his drinking as a result of our domestic violence workshop and doesn’t use violence against his wife anymore. They have a better relationship and are setting a much better example for their four children who study at Human and Hope Association.

It costs $50 a month to provide workshops to our community. Become a Workshop Champion today.