Empowering the community with knowledge and skills is an important part of our work. We do not believe in giving out direct aid, as it creates dependence. Most of our community projects are targeted at community members labelled as level one, two and three poor who are essentially, the poorest of the poor. This brings with it many challenges, but also many success stories.

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Our Community Projects

Community Outreach

If we encounter any problems with our students, our community team visit the child’s family and try to reach a solution with them. We contact the necessary authorities if a situation is deemed to be out of our depth.


Community Workshops

We offer a range of community workshops to our villagers on an ongoing basis, addressing the social issues they face. We recruit the participants through our students, word of mouth and community announcements.


Family Farm Program

Our family farm program encourages families to improve their standard of living. We provide them with training, knowledge and resources for farming so they are able to grow chemical-free food for their own use and to sell.


University Scholarships

We believe in not only empowering and educating our students, but empowering and educating our staff as well so they can lead fulfilling lives and pass on their knowledge to future generations.