Congratulation to Seyla for gaining new knowledge!

Hello my name is Seyla, the vocational training manager at Human and Hope Association. I would like to talk about the workshop at Phare, the Cambodian Circus, where I learned how to make costumes for performance. The topic in this workshop is making costume for performance. There are Savanmacha (the golden fish) and Kenorey (bird), which mean this actor is a half human and half animal, the history of traditional Khmer story.

I joined this workshop two months ago, that I can say, it is the best workshop which improve my skill in making costume. Firstly, the teacher taught me how to draw pictures, and told me that making costume for performance is difference from sample. I had to think and imagine about how easy to wear, to move, to change to show good quality, safety for actor and make it interesting for visitor. After I finished draw, teacher and all students had discussed to choose part of each pictures mixed to two costumes. After that we had discussed to choose the fabric for each costumes. We decided to make two groups because we had two costumes to make but we still help each others. We had made plane for making the costume. When we start making teacher showed us how to make. In team, we had to make different part but we changed each others to do that. So we knew and understood altogether in making the costume, and finished on time. Besides, we went to see the show at Phare, Rosana Broadway which made we understand more about how to make costumes.

Finally, I would like to say thank you so much for Human and Hope Association and Phare, the Cambodian Circus who had allowed me to join the workshop. This workshop is very important for me, because I can share it to other sewing teachers, seamstresses and all of the sewing students of Human and Hope Association for improve their skill for the future.

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