Creative Writing Competition

Last month we launched a creative writing competition at HHA. The purpose was to encourage creativity in our students, promote the Khmer language and keep traditional Khmer stories alive and kicking.

We had 18 students submit stories into the competition, which they wrote at their homes and before and after English classes at HHA. We presented prizes for first, second a third place, as well as two encouragement awards and a best drawing award. The remaining students received a pen, pencil and colouring book for their participation.

Amongst other prizes, our winning students received printed copies of their books, which were also placed in our library so they will be a permanent part of HHA! Our Education Manager wants to continue this competition twice a year to continue to promote creative thinking in our students. Some stories had great moral lessons in them, and we are proud to show you the winning story, titled ‘Being Healthy‘.

We will be selling PDF copies of the top 12 stories in our upcoming online store, so stay tuned!

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