Our dedicated education team provides programs to our community members. These programs are targeted at children from ages five – 18, and supplements their public school education. Not only this, we are also committed to continuously educating our staff members who are dedicated to excelling in their roles.

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Our Education Projects

Art Classes

Our art class has brought out our student’s creativity, a trait which is often stifled at Public School. By promoting creativity and independent thinking, our students are able to expand their way of thinking.

English Classes

Our English language classes for children teach them the basics so it is easier for them to develop further English skills that are needed for jobs in tourism later in life.

Hygiene Classes

The training sessions focus on basic hygiene practices such as hand-washing and teeth cleaning. Awareness is also raised about the dangers of using contaminated water as a cause of illness and disease, as well as how people can change their everyday routine to prevent getting sick.

Khmer Classes

Approximately 25% of the students at Human and Hope Association struggle with their native language despite attending public school. Khmer language classes have a proven track record of teaching children how to read and write. After attending Khmer language classes these students have all moved up at public school.


The children in our community don’t have access to books at their homes, whilst supplies at public school are very limited. As a result, many students don’t know basic Khmer and are not able to think creatively and independently. The library provides a safe environment for children living in poverty to learn, study and play every day.

Living Values

Every Friday, all of our classes study Living Values. They learn about topics such as children’s rights, equality, hygiene, safety, money management and friendship in informative and interactive ways. These classes improve the behaviour and attitudes of our students.


With many children in our community at risk of not being enrolled in public school, the preschool program is crucial in changing this. Each year, 10 children are given the opportunity to attend preschool. These students often lack good role models, experience domestic violence or are at risk of participating in child labour instead of studying.

Staff Development

We feel strongly about continuingly providing our staff with new knowledge and skills to perform better in their jobs. Each Sunday, we hold workshops so we can have open communication with our staff and also consistently increase their skills.