Our dedicated education team provides programs to our community members. These programs are targeted at children from ages five – 18, and supplements their public school education. Not only this, we are also committed to continuously educating our staff members who are dedicated to excelling in their roles.

English classes are aimed at children to get them learning the basics

Living values classes are held every Friday instead of English and aim to improve our student’s attitude and behaviour

Khmer class helps illiterate children learn their native language so they can catch up at public school

Preschool class is for five year olds to learn Khmer language and have a good start to their life of education

Art class is held once a week to promote creativity

Library is open daily so the students can improve their knowledge on all sorts of topics

Staff development workshops are run every Sunday as we believe that to develop our community we need to develop our staff

To learn more about our education programs, visit the links below:

Living Values Khmer