Human and Hope Association

Embracing Change! Part 2!

We recently gave an update on all the staff changes and developments at Human and Hope Association. Well, today we were reflecting in the office about not only how far we have come logistically, but also physically. Take a look at these photos as proof!

Our classrooms are much more vibrant nowadays. All it took was a couple of coats of paint, some educational resources on the wall, a CD player and new whiteboard in each room. The students still complain about the smell of the new paint, which to be honest, DOES smell a bit funky, but other than that they love learning in this exciting environment, with some students coming to Human and Hope early every day just to clean their classroom!

Our library used to consist of a shelf of just a few books and a desk in the office. Nowadays, we have a dedicated library which also provides an interactive learning environment for our English classes. We use this room for preschool class, movie club and to run our capacity building workshops for our staff. It is a very comfortable environment for our students, and they are always eager to utilise the opening time of 3pm – 5pm daily.

This brings us to the office. What a transformation! We previously had two large computers as shown above, a couple of plastic chairs and a very bad paint job. We now have two laptops, a television, printer, laminator, comfortable desks, practical yet stylish desks, and a collection of amazing paintings on the walls, thanks to our very creative staff. This office is a sanctuary for our staff, and our students are now abiding by the ‘knock before entering’ rule. You will see around five students entering the office daily to register for class.

This isn’t the end of the physical transformations, though. Plenty more to come! Stay tuned!