Human and Hope Association

Embracing Change!

It is difficult for us to grip how quickly Human and Hope Association has evolved over the past few months. We now have four staff members working full time in our office, and have already promoted two of them with a new title, increased working hours and more responsibility. We COULD go on and on and on about all the different things we have been doing, but we thought we would spread it out over a few entries! We are busy people, and so are our amazing supporters, so we don’t want to take up too much time!

Instead, today we will update you on the roles of our full time staff, from left to right.

Chhalin РEducation and Community Coordinator 

Chhalin lives at the pagoda, and his house is actually located right behind our office, so his commute to work is very short! As a result, he spends a LOT of time working at Human and Hope, and always has his eye on everything which is happening. A very shy man, at 27 years old, Chhalin is our oldest staff member. Chhalin comes from a poor family, and had to drop out of University to support them. He doesn’t let this stop him from learning, as he is always studying English in his spare time, as requested Sally to give him daily tests.

Chhalin is responsible for teaching two hours of pre-school in the morning, and two hours of English in the evening. The rest of his time is spent recruiting Poor Level One and Two students for our scholarships, conducting job interviews for sewing teachers, preparing education curriculum and recruiting students for our pre-school and sewing program.  We are on the lookout for courses for Chhalin and Samen to undertake in regards to social issues and community support, and are looking forward to seeing Chhalin thrive in his role.

Venerable Hen – Director

Venerable Hen is kept very busy as he has to balance his responsibilities at the pagoda, his responsibilities as a Director, and his responsibilities as a ‘Dad’ to his young cousin who lives with him. Venerable Hen oversees the day to day runnings of the organisation, and is always eager to learn from his partner in crime, Sally. Venerable Hen is a great role model for our staff due to his patience and perseverance.

Venerable Hen has some great visions for the organisation, and always has his thinking cap on, brainstorming ways in which we can achieve these. Over the past couple of months we have seen Venerable Hen become much more confident, and has really developed as a leader. He takes pride in always running his daily English class in fun and encouraging ways, and has gained the respect of students, staff and the general community.

Samen – Education and Community Assistant

Samen is a very shy man who always has a smile on his face. He has pleasantly surprised us by thriving in his role. Samen has the same responsibilities as Chhalin, and is also in charge of our ever growing library. His confidence has grown, and he is able to keep control of his students in class. Samen runs our art class and movie club on weekends, so he has a new found love – watching movies!

Chhalin acts as Samens mentor, and we are impressed by his willingness to learn and improve his spoken English. No task is too big for Samen, who is the key element in registering Human and Hope as an official NGO. Samen spends his evenings studying law at University, and welcomes his new pay rise, as this will ensure he can finish his degree.

Sally – Operations Manager

Sally has been working very hard over the past couple of months on her biggest weakness – her lack of patience. Coming from an English speaking country, she has to overcome communication problems daily, and often gets frustrated. In order to ensure she can overcome this, Sally and Venerable Hen worked together to compile a list of four values expected of the staff – Professionalism, Punctuality, Preparation and PATIENCE.

Every day, Sally works very closely with our Public Relations Coordinator in Australia to brainstorm ways of improving our marketing and communications. She runs workshops for Samen, Chhalin and Venerable Hen every second Wednesday, and works with Venerable Hen to run workshops for the other staff every Sunday. Sally’s key project is our vocational sewing program, which she is hopeful will, over time, be successful enough to ensure our sustainability. Curriculum development is also one of Sally’s main roles, and she is very impressed with the efforts and progress made by the staff to increase their knowledge and skills.