Human and Hope Association

End of Semester Ceremony

On Saturday, December 29th, a ceremony was held at Wat Chork Pagoda to celebrate the achievements of our students in their previous semester at Human and Hope. This ceremony involved a blessing by the Monks at the pagoda, including our own Director, Venerable Houn Hen, an update on the progression of the organisation, then a presentation of books and pens to the students who were top of their class.

A touching moment was when the sports teacher at the local primary school handed out money to 20 disadvantaged students as a scholarship. Given how little teachers earn, this was an incredibly generous offering which reminded us of how many amazing Khmer people there are who want to help build a better Cambodia.

After the ceremony, the teachers and students ate some snacks, then went on their merry ways, excitedly talking about who will be top of the class at the next ceremony.