90% of our students passed their English exams in 2018.

Our English classes are held four days a week. On weekdays, the students study for one hour a day from Monday through to Thursday, and then on Fridays, they learn living values.

When teaching English, our staff use interactive methods including flashcards, games and role play, which are made by our dedicated education staff. Our students pay 2,000 riel (50 cents) each month for their class. We charge our students to study as we don’t believe in giving our direct aid; it shifts the responsibility from the students and their parents onto us, and they also become dependent. Instead, by charging a small fee each month, the students are more likely to come to class and are accountable for their future. The money they pay is used for our education program, so the students get the direct benefit from their tuition.

We offer Opportunity Scholarships for students from Poor Level One, Two and Three families who show commitment to studying. Each semester they receive a textbook, notebook, pen, pencil, pencil sharpener, ID card and free tuition. This is provided to them in a recycled bag, which is made by our seamstresses from old rice bags. The purpose of these scholarships is to give an opportunity to a student who otherwise might not be able to access English education, due to financial constraints and their families not understanding the value of education. Our Education and Community Manager recruits the students from the surrounding community by working closely with the Heads of Villages and local Public School Director. The student and their parent/guardian is required to sign a contract which stipulates they will follow our Student Code of Conduct and ensure they attend class regularly.

At the end of each semester, after the final exams have been marked, we have a ceremony where the top performing students are provided with notebooks, pens, pencils and free tuition for a semester. We complete the ceremony with some food to celebrate our students’ achievements.



*Chorn had never attended school before coming to study at Human and Hope Association, despite being 13 years old. We put him into Khmer and English classes, and within six months he was coming second in his English class.

Chorn now attends public school and was able to skip a grade after coming first in his class. He continues to study English at Human and Hope Association and remains the top of his class. His future is so much brighter than before.

It costs $10 to provide English education to a child for a month. Become a Language Champion today.