Family Farm Activity Plan


Written by Loeum Salin, Education and Community Coordinator

We have been waiting for a year of researching to trial our Family Farm Program to the community. On May this year we are going to start the first trial of this program. Two poor families who have suitable land for growing, willing to learn and use their resources will be chosen in this trial. The purpose is to encourage the families chosen to improve their standard of living using the resources they have all their best to benefit them and to provide them with training, knowledge and resources for farming so they are able to grow food for their own use and to sell. Special training will be run once a month in order to increase their knowledge and the training is being conducted every Sunday at 8:30am to 10:30am at the trainee’s house. (1 hour for the lesson and 1 hour for practice). The trainees will see the list to choose what materials they need and the cost of the materials is being charged 100% and will be repay every week during the training. And when the training is finished the trainer will be pursuing every week to collect the repayment and observe the progress of their farms and giving feedback or advice until all the repayment is being repaid (the maximum cost is $100). On the third month we will start collect the repayment (they can save some money in advance).

Here is the lesson plan for our families:

  1. Introduction to HHA and HHA Student Core Value Training
  2. Dry Compost making
  3. Liquid Compost making
  4. Insect Pesticide making
  5. Farming Record Training
  6. Tomato growing
  7. Papaya growing
  8. Cucumber growing
  9. Financial Training
  10. Egg-plant growing
  11. Chinese Green growing
  12. Chilly growing
  13. Child Protection Workshop
  14. Long bean growing
  15. Bitter Melon growing
  16. Marrow Gourd growing
  17. Marriage Law Workshop
  18. Wax Gourd growing
  19. Cauliflower growing
  20. Morning Glory growing
  21. Happy Family Training
  22. Bok Choy growing
  23. Bottle Gourd growing
  24. Pumpkin growing 

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