Family Farm Program

Six villagers graduated from our family farm program in 2018.

Our family farm program encourages families to improve their standard of living. We provide them with training, knowledge and resources for farming so they are able to grow chemical-free food for their own use and to sell. The training is conducted once a year, every Sunday for four months, and each lesson includes theory and practice. After training, we keep following up the students for six months to ensure they apply what they have learned in the program and also to assist them.

The families pay back the cost of the resources we provide them with over the duration of the program, as they need to be accountable for their own lives and not relying on direct aid. We believe in a holistic approach to empowering Cambodians to create a sustainable future, and this program supports our mission. This program was initiated after several months of research, a trial involving two families, and feedback/evaluation. We primarily involve the parents of our students in our opportunity scholarship program, as they have been identified as having the biggest need for this program, then we target the general community in an effort to ensure the majority of our community members have access to fresh, chemical-free vegetables.

The lessons include compost making, growing 15 types of vegetables, financial management, child protection and other life skills topics.



Sophea is 50 years old. She is illiterate and does not possess a skill so she can work. We recruited her for our family farm trial, and although she was hesitant to learn, she completed the program.

Sophea now earns money by selling her vegetables and has a stable source of income. Her family eats some of the vegetables she grows, too. She is happy that she can utilise the land she owns and can earn money without too much effort.  This is a great way to support older women like Sophea.

It costs $70 a month to provide 10 villagers with farming training. Become a Farming Champion today.