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Fundraise for Human and Hope

Fundraising for Human and Hope Association is a fantastic way to support the organisation, and can be a fun and rewarding experience.You can choose to support a particular project, or Human and Hope Association generally. Rest assured, we will be on hand to support you as much as possible!

** Please note: it is essential you contact us before engaging in any fundraising activity for Human and Hope Association. We are thrilled to have your support, however fundraising laws differ from state to state in Australia and elsewhere in the world, and we need to make sure that all requirements are met before approving any fundraisers.

Types of groups and individuals who may wish to support Human and Hope Association include:

  • Individuals
  • Service Clubs (Rotary, Lions, Zonta, Soroptomist, Rotaract etc)
  • Community Groups
  • Schools, Universities, TAFEs and Colleges
  • Businesses
  • Faith-based groups and organisations

We have put together some resources that you can use, including facts and information about Human and Hope and Cambodia, as well as materials such as posters, flyers and fundraising hints. Click here to take a look.



Chanty lives in a big family of 7 people and she is the oldest sister. She was forced to stop studying in grade 11 because her parents could not afford for her to study and she had to help her parents with farming. She was not happy because she enjoyed studying so much. After that she  helped her parents’ with their farming work, growing rice and vegetables.

When her uncle told her about our sewing program, Chanty was interested because she thought that she would gain a skill and able to earn money to help her family. 

“My family could not earn much money per day as growing vegetables is not regular, sometimes good and sometimes not good due to the season. Before I never thought about my goal in life and I just so worry about my future, but after I attended life skill training in sewing class, I understand it is so important. After I graduate sewing, I will go to work outside as a seamstress and then I will save money to set up a sewing shop”.

It costs $90 a month to provide sewing training to a Cambodian woman. Become a Sewing Champion today.