Why does HHA only employ local staff?

There are thousand NGOs in Cambodia, though there are not many NGOs run entirely by their local staff. Human and Hope Association is very unique from others as we are a local NGO run entirely by Cambodians. We believe that having local staff is the main asset to change our community. Why does HHA believe in their local staff?

Our mission is to empower Cambodians to create sustainable futures for themselves. This short statement is the answer. In order to achieve our mission, we work to empower both our villagers and our staff. To empower our villagers, we focus on three main projects; education, vocational training and community support. This is because when children come and learn, we also think that their parents should earn and learn too which is the holistic approach to development.  And in order to provide the best services to our villagers, empowering local staff is very important.

Why does HHA only employ local staff?

There are two main reasons that we only employ local staff.

EMPOWERMENT: we believe that our local staff has the ability to operate the organization by themselves. They understand their culture and their people’s problems as they come from the same background and some of them used to have experiences with their lives.

We do not accept foreign volunteers; instead we focus on locals training locals so that they can share their knowledge with each other and show good role model to their people.  Through empowering them they will feel that they are important and they don’t feel that it is only foreign volunteers who are important to help them. Furthermore, they have learned from their work implementing and attend the training to develop themselves. This empowerment will lead them to think of ways they can do to change their community.

SUSTAINABILITY: we believe that having local staff operating the organization is the most sustainable way for our organization and our community to develop because they don’t just come and go for a short time. When they have been empowered their commitment and passion also increased, so they can ensure the sustainability of the organization through their succession plan of building and empowering the next generations to continue their missions.

If you believe in EMPOWERING Cambodians to transform their community, Human and Hope Association is the best organisation for you to support.

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