How does HHA do to empower villagers to move out of poverty?

Our Sewing graduate, Saney, first heard about our sewing program though her neighbor who had previously studied our beginner course. Saney only managed to study until second grade in school, and as a result, she didn’t’ have the knowledge or skills to gain a stable job. Instead, Saney would take rattan from the forest with her daughter and make baskets, which she could then sell for 12 cents each. She, her husband and her daughter only had enough money to eat two meals a day, and even then, they struggled.

When Saney heard about our sewing program, she immediately asked her husband for permission to study as she wanted since she was 20. He didn’t agree. She persisted, until finally he agreed that she could study in our program and gained a new skill. Just two months into studying, Saney asked HHA to borrow funds through our microfinance program so she could purchase a sewing machine.

To begin with, she was able to earn $1.50 a day making and fixing clothes for her neighbors. After seeing the passion of Saney and her talents, we hired her to become our seamstress, making products for us. After Saney graduated from our sewing course, she had more time to focus on her business, so more villagers started to know her and give their business to her. In 2016, Saney decided to resign as our seamstress after she could concentrate on her thriving business.

Three years since graduating from our sewing program, Saney’s family has broken free from the poverty bracket. Not only that, but Saney replaced the floorless, bamboo shack she lived in with a new home made from brick. Her daughter is studying Khmer and English with us and Saney gained respect from her husband. They are living a more peaceful life together.

To empower villagers to become like Saney, please sign up to become our Sewing Champion HERE.


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