Home Sewing Business

In 2018, we made a profit of over USD$5,000 through our home sewing business.

Some of our sewing students are hired to participate in our home sewing business program. Each month, they make our products at their homes using machines purchased through our Microfinance Program. They receive a fair wage (currently $0.75USD an hour), and ongoing support from our staff and employee benefits.

We set a maximum amount our seamstresses can earn each month, as for their skill to be truly sustainable, they can’t rely on HHA for their whole salaries.

These products make great souvenirs or gifts, combining style, quality and practicality. Plus – every time you look at them, you’ll be reminded of your contribution to helping Human and Hope Association support Cambodians to create sustainable futures for themselves!  Please contact us for a product catalogue or if you were interested in purchasing products at wholesale prices. Otherwise, take a look at our online store, Hope Handicrafts!

We also make custom products for businesses, such as BonhomieAlexandria Main, Journeys Within, Phare Boutique and Georges Rhumerie, so be sure to contact us if you want high-quality handicrafts for your customers!

5Chomrong, a mother of three children, was only able to study until grade seven because of poverty in her family. She began working as a builder, earning just 88 cents a day. She eventually got married and moved to Siem Reap. Her husband was also a builder, but they didn’t earn enough money to feed their family properly. As a result, their children would fall sick often and they would be pushed further into poverty because of the hospital fees.

In 2014 Chomrong began studying sewing with us. Not only did she learn how to sew, she also studied life skills and was more confident to stand up to her husband. We also took her son into our preschool program and he learnt Khmer, hygiene and good habits while her daughter learnt English with us.

Chomrong took a loan to buy a sewing machine through our microfinance program and set up her own business at her home. She began to be well-known in her village for her high quality work. For that reason, we also hired Chomrong to be our seamstress, giving her an extra source of income.

In 2015 Chomrong graduated from our sewing program. She paid off her first loan and took out a second loan to buy a hemming machine. Business is going so well that Chomrong and her husband are currently building a new house, replacing the wooden/bamboo structure they have lived in for so long.

It costs $90 a month to provide a woman with sewing training. Become a Sewing Champion today.