Human and Hope Association

How I Started Working at Human and Hope Association

Rattanak and Phalla

My name is Sok Rattanak. I am male. I am 23 years old. I live in Partort Village, Korktlok Commune Chikreang District in Siem Reap Province. I have two sisters. My older sister is 21 years old and my younger sister is 18 years old. My mother is 40 years old. She is often sick. Her health is not so good. My father died when my sisters and I were young. My sisters and I did not live with my mother together because my family was so poor. I lived with my God Grandmother. But she also had many children in her family. Both my sisters lived with my mother.

When I was seven years old I went to study at public school. During the time I studied I didn’t have enough materials for studying and my God Grandmother didn’t want to spend money. She thought I was young and her family was also poor, too.

I continued to study to grade seven. In grade seven I was difficult to find the money to pay to school everyday. I decided to stop studying and I asked my God Grandmother for permission to live with my family.

I then went to find a job in Siem Reap city. I was a builder. I then went to work in Odor Meanchey Province and other provinces. I went to Thailand and the employer didn’t provide the salary to me, so I came back. I worked hard at a shop in Siem Reap for eight months, however my salary did not increase. During that time I started studying English at Human and Hope Association, which was near my fiancé’s family’s home.

I tried to study hard because I really like knowledge. My mother-in-law told me to stop studying because she wanted me to find the money for my wedding with her daughter. That time I was so upset. She wanted me to go to Thailand country. I agreed with her and came back to Human and Hope Association to ask permission to stop studying. The staff did not agree, they thought Thailand was dangerous and wanted me to have a good future. They provided a good job to me and I really like this job so much. They also allowed me to study in the sewing program so I have a skill. Thanks to Sally and all the staff in Human and Hope Association that are helping the poor people.