How Our Preschool Program is Changing Lives in Cambodia


Our preschool program has had an enormous amount of success.

At Human and Hope Association, we noted that many children in our community were not being enrolled in public school when they were at the appropriate age. To address this, we founded a preschool program in 2013. This program educates the most marginalised five-year olds in our community so that they and their parents can understand the benefits of education. The children study with us for two hours a day over the course of a year.

Each day we teach them Khmer, which is their native language, and basic mathematics. They also play games so they can develop their fine motor skills and learn how to interact safely with other children. They learn how to brush their teeth and the importance of daily hygiene, to reduce the occurrence of illnesses and disease which plague children in Cambodia. They also participate in arts and crafts, developing their own creativity and independent thinking. Each Friday they learn different living values topics, such as healthy eating, how to be good children and road safety.

After graduation (where they receive a school starter pack), these students make the transition to public school and still attend Human and Hope Association for English and Khmer lessons.

The preschool program is so important for positively influencing our students’ behaviour, so they value education and are ready for an educated life.

In December 2016, ten new students began studying in our preschool program. A few weeks later, we accepted one more student due to her personal situation. We need sponsors to support these wonderful children so they can learn, play and grow with the guidance of their fabulous teacher, Salin.

It costs just $15 a month to be a Preschool Champion, and donations are tax deductible in America and Australia. To support a child on their path to a better future, consider signing up today! 


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