There are many ways for you to help Human and Hope Association.  We are in need of lots of funds to expand our educational and vocational training program, so if you are able to donate, or hold fundraisers overseas, please contact us at info@humanandhopeassociation.org.

Buy Our Handicrafts

Our seamstresses earn fair wages making our products which are then sold to raise funds for our organisation. Read more>>


Donate to HHA!


Your donation of any amount will be a huge help in supporting

our projects. Read more>>


Become a Monthly Champion

By signing up to support our wonderful Cambodian NGO, you can empower one of our champions to break the cycle of poverty, from just $10 per month. Read more>>



Consider holding a fundraiser in your home country for HHA – we’ll be on hand to help you through! Read more>>




If you’re coming to Cambodia, you can arrange a visit to see the great work of HHA in action! Read more>>