Human and Hope Association is officially an incorporated association!

As of the 3rd of July, Human and Hope Association, Inc is officially an incorporated association! Currently registered in South Australia, the Board are also moving to make this registration Australia-wide.

This was a long process that was helped along by some incredibly generous people. The Board received help from Matt and Brentnalls Accounting in Adelaide (http://www.brentnalls.com.au/) followed by fantastic advice from Charlie from the law firm Belperio Clark, also in Adelaide (http://www.bc-lawyers.com.au/). Our wonderful PR Coordinator and board member Georgie also helped in writing the Constitution and making sure all the documents were in order!

So what does this mean?

Basically, this provides a lot more fundraising opportunities for Human and Hope Association, and also an extra level of guarantee for those wishing to make donations. As an incorporated association – basically an official Not for Profit – HHA, Inc must adhere to financial reporting requirements, and any actions taken in Australia must be in accordance with our aims and Constitution. Primarily this means supporting Human and Hope Association in Cambodia to continue empowering Cambodians to create a sustainable future for themselves through raising funds and awareness. The Board have also codified our principles such as financial transparency, for example by writing into the Constitution that no general or committee member can receive compensation for their efforts. Therefore our supporters are guaranteed that money is heading over to be used in Cambodia, not getting caught up in admin costs in Australia!

It also means very, very soon we will have an Australian bank account and secure, easy and safe ways for individuals and groups to donate to Human and Hope Association.

But how does it operate?

We have selected four board members based on their relevant skills and dedication to the aims of Human and Hope Association. They are Sally Hetherington (President), Georgie McRae (Secretary and Public Officer), Jack Wang (Treasurer) and Amanda Woods (Organisational Director). You can learn more about the board members here.

One of the important things about the functioning of Human and Hope Association, Inc in Australia is that it is, logistically, totally separate from our NGO in Cambodia. The association aims to support Human and Hope Association in Cambodia in any way possible, however they totally recognise the outstanding talent of our team, and wish to support our autonomy. As a result, it is written into the organisation’s Constitution that it will not interfere in the day to day running of the organisation in any way.

The team at Human and Hope Association Cambodia thanks the Board for their outstanding support!


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