If you had the chance to change a child’s life forever, would you?

Six-year-old *Kosal had behaviour difficulties. He often hit his family members, throwing violent tantrums and not listening to anyone. His family was desperate and needed to do something when they found Human and Hope Association’s preschool program. When he was accepted into the preschool program at Human and Hope Association, something remarkable happened; Kosal began to change.

It wasn’t easy. But with the dedication of his teacher, commitment from his mother, and the support of our other education staff, Kosal’s behaviour transformed.

He listened intently in class and learnt how to read and write in his native language instead of sitting for hours crying.

He learnt how to share and treat the other children with respect instead of fighting with his classmates over toys.

Now seven years old, Kosal studies at public school and continues to attend Human and Hope Association for our Khmer and English classes. His behaviour continues to improve, and with continued support from his teachers and family, Kosal’s dream of becoming a policeman can become a reality.

This end of financial year, we need to raise $10,000 so we can continue to support Kosal and 150 other Cambodian children in our education programs. By making a tax-deductible donation of $68, you are ensuring these children improve their behaviour and knowledge, and are able to achieve their dreams.

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