Job Interview Skills Workshop

Hello everyone! My name is Loeum Salin. I am a Microfinance and Education assistant in Human and Hope association (HHA).

In this blog I will let you know about my “Interviewing workshop”. It’s the second workshop of my job skill workshops after CV writing workshop.

My manager, Thai was busy. Therefore, in this workshop I ran it alone. But he took some times to take pictures and helped me to prepare the slide show. He is so smart, helpful and reflective.

This workshop was held on 08th of May 2014 at 9:00am-11:00am. There were 13 participants in this workshop. 6 of them are the old students who have participated in the CV writing workshop and others are the new students.

The game in this workshop was “Introduction game” the same as CV writing workshop because I think it is a good practice for them to describe themself as the interviewing practice.

After we played a game for ten minutes I read the HHA visitor code of conduct and explained some important points about the right of child and how we can protect and help the child if we see the abuse. Then I provided them the pre-test to complete for ten minutes. After that, I started the lesson.

During the workshop I had a problem with the slide show it was messy (not in the correct order). So I read the lesson in the paper and explained. Thanks to Thai that helped me to prepare the slide show in the correct order.

At the end of the workshop I provided post-test and feedback form to students to complete for 15 minutes but they can’t so I delayed the time for 10 minutes more to complete the feedback form. Then Thai prepared the snack for everyone to eat.

I got some good feedbacks such as: Speak softly, not so brave, be more prepared, clear explanation easy to understand and understand the lesson well. It is also the new lesson for me because I never practice and have no enough experiences so these feedbacks are very important for me to develop my ability on the job skill workshops. I will try more and more to improve all the weakness.

I think this interviewing workshop is so important for the job seekers because the participants who joint in it will gain more tips and knowledge which make them know how to prepare themselves and feel confident in the future job interview. If they want to get a job they must have some knowledge or some tips about interviewing skill. A good CV is 50% and a good interview is 50%. So if you can write a good CV and know how to prepare for the interview you will definitely get a job in the future.

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