Job Skills Workshop


Hello! My name is Salin. I am a Microfinance and Education assistant of Human and Hope Association.

My operation manager, Sally found that some Khmer people are lack of knowing how to write a good CV. So to respond to this problem we started organize The CV writing workshop.

On Sunday March 30th, my manager, Thai helped me to organize a CV writing workshop. I am really happy to work with him and I can learn a lot from him. He is such a good manager.

This workshop is allowed for outside people and our students aged up to 16 and there were 12 participants in this first workshop. The workshop is held for 2 hours from 10am to 12pm. At the beginning of the workshop we played an introduction game (stand in a circle and use a ball to throw to his/her and they introduce themselves). We used a TV slide for our presentation and we had Nom Ansorm Arng for snack at about 11am.

To observe the participants understanding we gave them an observation questions before we start and at the end of the presentation. We provided some related documents to the participants and feedback papers at the end of the workshop.

The result from the observation was good and I got some feedbacks from the participants such as: speak not loudly and fast, don’t ask questions to students, not so energetic, good explanation, understand the lesson clearly, have confidence and sharing good ideas and advices. The feedback will help me to build up my ability for the next workshops.

In conclusion, I think this workshop will be useful for youth. Especially, job seekers because if they don’t know some strategies about CV writing their CV will not be accepted by the employers though they have enough ability, knowledge and qualifications to the position they applied for.


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