Joining Short Film Festival


Written by Salin, our education and community manager

On 14th August 2015 students who took part in our Creative Writing Competition went to join The Short Film Festival. The festival was celebrated at Platinum Cinema, near Phsa Chas (old market). Khon Khmer Khoun Khmer organized this festival.The goal of this festival are to promote the value of short film and to inspire people to make the difference in the art of filming.

The students who have been selected based on their great works in our Creative Writing Program, meaning only the students who won 1st, 2nd, 3rd place, and students who performed well in this program are allowed to participate in this festival. There were 12 students accompanied by our staff went to the festival. The aim of providing this opportunity for them are to encourage them to try harder for the next creative writing competition, to promote other students to be interested in joining this writing competition, and to involve our students in social events.
We rented 2tuk tuks to get there. We went to the cinema at 1pm and we reached there around 1:20pm. We were the first group to get there and we were also the youngest group amongst the audiences. Almost all of our students went there for the first time. Our students didn’t adapt with the weather there because it was so hot outside, but inside the cinema was so cool. It made our students felt not so comfortable with air conditioners and the smell of them because they have never had air conditioner at their houses, but when the show started they forgot everything and enjoyed the movies.

After the show finished, the festival coordinator asked several questions related to the festival. Our students noted on their notebooks to answer the questions. Unfortunately, they had no chance to answer because there were a few prizes and many audiences. In addition, some of our students felt not confident to raise up their hands to answer the questions. The students were very happy to see the short movies. The festival has inspired them to make this kind of movie for the competition.

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