Human and Hope Association


In 2014 our Education Manager began Khmer classes for students who although they were of school age, were not enrolled in public school yet. These students were aged between seven and thirteen, and studied Khmer for one hour a day with Teacher Seyha. The development of these children has been remarkable. Their behaviour has improved dramatically and they have progressed from the alphabet, which in itself is quite a feat with 33 consonants, 23 dependent vowels, and 13 independent vowels, to sentences. All but one of these students are now enrolled in public school, studying in the same classes as each other, and continue to study Khmer at HHA in the mornings.

In 2015 we recruited more students to study in our remedial Khmer class.  We chose these students to join our class because despite studying in grades 2, 3 and 4 at public school, they are illiterate. Public schools in Cambodia tend to have up to sixty students in each class, leaving little ability for teachers to spend time on the students who need extra help. This class has been successful for these students to learn how to read and write and progress at public school.



*Chorn had never attended school before coming to study at Human and Hope Association, despite being 13 years old. We put him into Khmer classes and within a few months he could read and write in is native language.

We then enrolled him in public school and that year he came first out of 60 students! He was able to skip a grade as a result. Chorn continues to attend HHA in our English program and is coming top of his class.  

It costs $10 a month to provide Khmer language classes to a child. Become a Language Champion today!