Living Values

Every Friday, all of our classes study Living Values. They learn about topics such as children’s rights, equality, hygiene, safety, money management and friendship in informative and interactive ways. These classes improve the behaviour and attitudes of our students.

At Human and Hope Association, we saw a need to teach our students Living Values due to the difficult home lives faced by many of them. Cambodia is a country fuelled with violence, alcohol abuse, and social problems, so many families are not able to pass on ethics and morals to their children. We initiated our Core Student Values; respect, punctuality, patience, cooperation and willingness to learn so they can integrate these into their everyday lives and pass on their good behaviour to the people who surround them.

In addition to studying Living Values, our students also clean our community centre once a week to teach them ownership and pride.


Living ValuesMean came with his mother to enrol in our preschool class while we were recruiting our new preschool class for 2015-2016. A shy and crying boy, he was five-year olds and came from a very poor family.  At first, he was very naughty and hot-tempered and he rarely played with others. However, after joining with us for nearly one year, he remarkably grew into a confident, sociable, and very eager to learn student. Our weekly living values classes taught him many things, including how to treat people with respect, being a good student and hygiene. 

Mean’s mother once said, “My son has learned many hours at home. When he got sick, he didn’t want to miss the class until I strongly encouraged him. Moreover, his behavior has changed a lot as he respects me, his father, and his classmates.”

It costs $10 a month to provide a child with language and living values classes. Become a Language Champion today!