Human and Hope Association

Lots of development at HHA

To say we have been busy at HHA this year would be a massive understatement. Our team has been growing, and everyone has been working extremely hard to make an impact on our community which will be felt for generations to come.

One task which has been consuming our time is updating our constitution to be fairer, stronger and more effective. As part of this change, we also have a new Khmer board, which is our governing board. These board members were hand picked by our management team, due to their professionalism, knowledge, skills, compassion and commitment to ensuring HHA’s sustainable future.

SreylinPresident – Chum Sreylin

Sreylin has been involved with HHA for several years, as well as several other NGO’s. She currently works at Child’s Dream as an Assistant Field Coordinator. Sreylin always has our beneficiaries at the front of her mind when offering advice. Her integrity and compassion make her a wonderful leader on our board. Sreylin also acts as an advisor on our Advisory board in order to strengthen Khmer and Australian relationships.

Sreylin holds a Bachelor of English Literature from Build Bright University, Siem Reap.


Treasurer – Oun Saveak

Saveak brings a lot of financial experience to HHA. A former JWOC scholarship student, she now works at a local hotel as an accountant. Saveak volunteers at HHA on the weekends in our Art Class, and brings a level of professionalism, empathy and compassion to her work.

Saveak holds a Bachelor of Banking from Build Bright University, Siem Reap.


Secretary – Sik Sejane

Sejane is a former volunteer, having taught our weekend English classes. Sejane has a great level of English and Khmer, and is very organised, making him a great Secretary. Passionate about educating the youth of Cambodia, Sejane is currently a teacher at About Asia Schools and on hand to offer us any education advice required.

Sejane is currently studying a Bachelor of Education at Build Bright University, Siem Reap.


Advisor – Vinh Bora

Bora brings a wealth of knowledge to our board, having worked in the NGO sector for many years. Previously, Bora held a workshop for our staff on micro finance, and his advice was crucial in setting up the program. He currently works at Kamonohashi Project, an NGO which aims to eliminate sex trafficking, as their Production Department Manager.

Bora holds a Bachelor of General Management from Build Bright University, Siem Reap, and a Masters in Finance and Banking from the University of South East Asia.

KimsanAdvisor – Sok Kimsan

Coming from a rural district, Kimsan understands the importance of education to tackle poverty. He is always on hand to offer advice to our staff, particularly in the area of social work, where he has much experience. Kimsan has been working at a local NGO, Anjali House, since 2007. He is currently in the position of Education Coordinator and mentor for Khmer staff and volunteers

Kimsan is currently studying a Bachelor of Education at Pannasastra University.

This board is responsible for ensuring our team are doing what they say they are, and always putting the impact of our beneficiaries at the front of their mind. The board are all respectful of our commitment to empowering Cambodians, including our staff, and display that in any advice they give or decisions they make. We are looking forward to what the future brings!